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Hair today, none before!

So I’m officially two months into my new hair system and I’m totally loving it! I feel I have been given a new look on life! I look back at pictures of me before I had the system fitted and I don’t recognise that person! I’m like “who is that guy?” It really doesn’t feel like that was me.

One thing I was really worried about was the reactions I would get from people.

But I’m happy to say that two months later I have not had one negative comment or reaction! In fact people from all over the world have seen my blogs and my instagram posts and have been very impressed with the look and have reached out to me for information as they are thinking of getting a system too!

The only downside is the upkeep! I am finding that once a month I need it taken off and re glued! I knew this would happen but it’s a tricky job! So today I’m back at the clinic and I’m having the piece taken off and re applied! As you can from the pics above the before and after are quite different. If you have any questions please let me know!

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