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To the Happy Couple

This year has been a bit of a crazy one when it comes to weddings. All my friends are getting hitched. While little old me is still on that shelf. But the weekend before Christmas I attended the wedding of my old housemate and very close friend Brenda. And I couldnt have been more proud.

Me and Brenda lived together for three years until she left me to be with her Beau in a town about 40 minutes from where we lived. I was so pleased for her. Brenda is my darling and I love her to bits. So to see Brenda planning her new house and new life was just so good. Her Beau Donal is a legend. What can I say about Donal, he is a mad fella, always up for the laugh and he and Brenda could not be more suited to each other.

So when we found out earlier on in the year that they were engaged, we couldnt wait for the celebrations to begin. So with the Hen taking place in Dingle in October, we were all ready for the wedding.

So we have a little gang here, we like to think of ourselves as the Kerry Friends living in Cork. Theres myself, Brenda, Aisling, Chris,Seb and Shirley and we are all so close. So the fact we were altogether and celebrating Brendas wedding was just fantastic.

The Bride looked amazing, I actually cried when she walked up the aisle. Shirley Bawled her eyes out. The pride on Donals face when he saw his wife to be was just amazing. He looked like the happiest man in the world. The ceremony was just beautiful. A beautiful Church, a magnificent location and a lovely day (weather wise).

Then it was onto Kenmare for the Reception, we all had rooms booked and we were all planning to celebrate in style. Amazing food, brilliant company and great entertainment. We danced and drank the night away.

I couldnt have been more proud of my girl as we danced on the dance floor, knocked back a shot and laughed like we did all those years ago.

So to Brenda and Donal I would like to wish you both many years of laughter, love and happiness as you start your new life’s together as man and wife.

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