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Where the drinks are flowing and the craic is mighty

We all have one. We all love it. We all try to convince our one is the best one around!! Im on about you're favourite Bar.. ( i know where you all thought i was going with that). If it wasn't for our love of our "local" many bars just wouldn't exist.

So I live on the outskirts of the city, in a suburb so it's a €25.00 trip by taxi into town but to go to my local is so worth it.

I'm talking about Sober Lane on Sullivan's quay in the City. Now everyone in Cork knows of Sober Lane and what a great spot it is. You will usually find me in there on a Sunday afternoon, (NOT every Sunday afternoon). I absolutely love it in there. The food is unreal, go to their website and check the menu. Mouth Watering!! and then the entertainment on a Sunday is great.. Can I get a clap for Bongo Steve or (Bongo Jim as one of my friends call him) but his music is amazing.

Probably the biggest draw to Sober Lane is their Heads or Tails promotion. Buy a drink call heads or tails, get it right and the next one is on them!! When you are in rounds and I mean 6-9 people rounds this can save you a small fortune.

Recently I had some of my closest friends up from Kerry and one of things they wanted to do was to go to Sober Lane. Well they couldn't believe their eyes. They all fell in love with the place immediately. And thats

the thing with Sober Lane, you fall in love with the atmosphere almost instantly. thats a credit to the amazing bar staff.

So if you haven't been to Sober Lane or you are planning a trip to Cork, make sure to pop in for a friendly drink. You will love it!

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