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The Weekend Cork came alive!!!!

Ok lets just get the obvious out of the way here, Ed Sheeran arrived in Cork, played three amazing gigs and seemed to bring the Sun and an amazing atmosphere to Cork.

So say my weekend was epic is a total understatement. It was fantastic from start to finish. My weekend actually started on Thursday evening and I was in the Summer mood. I was looking forward to amazing music, amazing weather, some ice cool alcoholic beverages and some first class company. And I got all four of them for the entire weekend.

Let's rewind to Friday. Were any of you in town Friday afternoon? I was and it was around 2pm. The streets were hopping. People were out enjoying the weather, grabbing a few last bits and pieces before the weekend began. Everyone just seemed to be in great form. It's something that hasn't been seen in Cork for some time and I think that would be down to the SHITE winter we have had. Please GOD let this winter be officially over now!! I need SUN!!!!

Obviously loads of people were in town for the concert. What an amazing concert, that boy ( i call him boy cos he is younger than me and way more talented) is just out of this world. He had 40,000 people on the palm of his hand each night over the weekend. Not many people can say that. I must say that not only did he put on a great show, but management down in Páirc Uí Chaoimh put on a great show themselves. They really faced up to the test of holding such an event and I think they did an amazing job.

And Im hoping this is the beginning of a new lease of life for Summer in Cork going forward. More acts and concerts are needed.

The pubs around Cork did an almighty trade I would imagine. I visited the Venue in Ballintemple on the Friday before the concert and it was electric. The bar, the beer garden all full with people excited and looking forward to the concert. I thoroughly enjoyed myself in there with friends. It was great to see that the smaller local pubs that are not in the middle of town were benefiting from the concert too.

Over the course of the weekend Cork just came alive, it really did. And it makes you realise what an amazing place Cork City is. There is something for everyone. And I think its made me appreciate what we have on our doorstep here. It just took a Global Superstar and some amazing weather to realise it.

What were your thoughts on the weekend? Did you see Ed? Did you head to the Kinsale Sevens? Did you make the most of the weather. Leave your comments below..

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