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Celebrate good time....Come on!

Whether you're a Kool & The Gang fan or a Kylie Minogue fan, it's time for Cork to have its annual celebration of Love, Equality and togetherness. It's Time For Pride!!!!

The week leading up to and including the August Bank holiday is when Cork becomes a sea of Colour, a speaker for sound a city ready for memories to be made. Pride isn't just for the LGBTQ community, it's for everyone. Everyone can get involved, celebrate and take in the colours and sounds.

I have been extremely lucky to be involved in the Cork Pride Parade over the past number of years. Every year it just gets better and better. Last year the weather wasn't amazing and the sea of colour was more of a sea of waterproof ponchos but we didn't let that dampen our spirits. This year is going to be even better for personal reasons. My best friend is joining me this year and taking part in her very first Pride.

The Cork Pride Committee always put on a great show. Every year more and more events take place throughout the Bars and clubs of Cork as well as places such as Fitzgeralds Park and the Peace Park.

One great resource is the Cork Prides Page on Facebook. Check it out

Pride is full of stories, stories of friends reuniting, stories of love being found and stories of love being lost. I have experienced all three and it's what makes Pride... Pride.

Pride has become a part of Corks DNA. As a city of culture Im proud to live in a place where the LGBTQ community is accepted. As a Gay Man I feel free here, being able to be ones-self is so important.

So come celebrate with us all on Sunday the 5th of August for a celebration like no other.

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