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When a city is bursting with Pride!

Were you around Cork this weekend? Did you notice anything different? Well if you were around town you would have seen the City come alive with colour. The annual Cork Pride celebrations took place this weekend and what a celebration it was, in my opinion it really was the best Pride yet.

A lot of people have this misconception that Pride is exclusively for the LGBTQ committee but it's not. It's for everyone and it's really that one day a year where prejudice is put aside and we all celebrate two things LOVE and EQUALITY. I love Pride weekend, it's my favourite weekend of the year. The past few years have had their ups and downs for me when it comes to Pride but I can honestly say this year was so different. It may have been because I wasn't nursing a broken heart or I wasn't looking to meet someone, so I just went with the flow. Also I had the most amazing group of people surrounding me this year. We laughed hard, partied harder. And I can honestly say I have made some new friends this year.

After the parade which I think had its biggest turnout ever in terms of participants and spectators , we all headed to wet our throats in Deep South. Every year this place just gets better and better and hosting the main after party. The weather on Sunday was phenomenal and it added to the atmosphere. Great weather, Great Music, Great Food and the best company all made the post pride party even better. Bumping into old friends is always a highlight of Pride for me and I bumped into many old faces.

I love to see a community come together and show solidarity, it makes me feel happy yet a little sad. We are so so lucky to live in such a tolerant county when there are so many of our brothers and sisters are getting killed everyday for being themselves. The fight will go on until everyone can love. I saw someone on Sunday with the words "Love Wins" painted on their cheek. I actually went up and gave them a hug because its such a strong message to send out. And Love will win.

Back to Cork and Sunday and the atmosphere Sunday evening was electric. Every Pub was jointed and you could just see people where Rainbow coloured T-Shirts, Pride logo shirts, Pride Shoes and there were flags and bunting everywhere.

So to everyone who took in Pride this year, You were all amazing. To the committee, you put on an amazing show and we all cannot wait till next year!

Check out some of the snaps from the day!

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