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2021 my hopes for you!

2020 was the year I think many of us would love to forget but it will be the year we will remember most. I don’t think any other year will be etched in my memory like 2020 is. From Face Masks to Social Distancing and with a whole load of craziness in between, it really was surreal.

But let us cast our minds back 12 months from today. We had just entered a new decade. The new millennium was turning 20, the teens had finished and we were rapidly moving forward in new ways, Technology was evolving at a lightning pace, we were all feeling burnt out from work life. People wanted things and wanted them now, people had very little patience. We were living in the world of here and now. Climate change had come to the forefront, Brexit and Trump were the most hated words in the English language, every news bulletin had some mention of Trump and Brexit. We were recovering from the brutal recession of 2007/2008. We were living our best lives. I mean we lived for nights out, we lived for likes on Instagram. Facebook was a platform for Trump supporters and non-supporters to argue and name call. Little did we know what laid ahead of us and how our lives would be completely turned upside down within a couple of days.

I remember clearly the reports coming out of China about this new virus, COVID-19 and clearly thinking to myself “This will just be like Sars it won't come to Ireland”, I have nothing to worry about” and I think I wasn’t the only one thinking this. I carried on with my life. Working Monday to Friday and living for the weekend. Seeing friends and family, spending time with my nephew, and not having a care in the world.


At first, I loved it... I’m not very social outside of my close group of friends and exercise wasn't top of my list. So the fact I could now work from home and not have to go outside was a win-win for me. Also not having the commute to and from work, jumping out of bed, and being ready for work 10 minutes later was a godsend. I was loving this new way of life. But then after two or three weeks, restrictions got tighter and they also got extended. Soon I realised I wasn't going to be seeing my friends or family and most importantly my nephew anytime soon. So I took it upon myself to get some new hobbies that I could do without leaving my house. Drawing, photo editing, video editing. IT didn't last long if I’m being honest and my life became consumed with food and YouTube!!

For me going in and out of lockdowns was particularly tough. One moment I’m given some freedom and a little while later it was snatched away like I was a bold child and my favourite toy was taken away from me as a form of punishment. My favourite toy was never taken from me as a child, simply because I was the perfect child... But it was tough and I like to think I have a good handle on my mental health but this really knocked me.

One thing that saved me was work. I finally got a chance to work with a team I have wanted to work with for the past 10 years and if it wasn’t for COVID I would have not got that chance. So that was something that helped me through the past 7-9 months.

But we are now back in Lockdown, the third lockdown since last year and I think this is going to be the longest and toughest one yet. I’m already starting to falter. I have found myself over the past week going downhill. I’m losing interest in things I used to love. Yesterday for example I just had no motivation to do anything. My amazing housemate literally had to drag me out of the house to go for a walk and even then I wasn’t giving it my all. I know if I don’t change my attitude, I will just slip further... So I have decided to make a list of my hopes for 2021 and by blogging it I know I will be able to come back this time next year and see how the world and I have changed.

Firstly I hope that we are all out of this madness. We lose no more to this virus.

Secondly, I hope that we are all a little kinder to each other. People are becoming serious keyboard warriors and feel the need to personally insult someone for making a personal opinion. THIS NEEDS TO STOP. DONT HATE BECAUSE SOMEONE HAS A DIFFERENT OPINION TO YOU.

Thirdly I hope we can travel again.. I can't wait to walk down the aisle and hear those beautiful words, “this is your captain speaking”

Fourthly I hope that I will have the keys to my new house. Yes, this is a selfish one but I have been saving hard and am looking forward to laying down some roots.

Number five on the list has to be nights out. I mean I literally cannot wait to have a good night out again. I mean those really good nights that end with me and my bestie sitting on a wet curb outside the chipper, stuffing our faces, and having a deep conversation on life. I mean a load of bollocks is said but at that moment we are putting the world to right.

Finally, I hope that I will become a better person, finally gain the confidence I lack and see myself the way my friends see me. Be able to go out there and get what I want.

I’m looking forward to revisiting this blog in 2022 and comparing 2021 to 2020. Let’s hope that this madness will be behind us this time next year and we are finally able to hug the ones we love, kiss strangers, travel to new locations and learn to appreciate what we have been given back to us.

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