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A week of major change!

So here we are! It’s been 7 days since the Government made the announcement about the measures that were being taken to help push back COVID-19 and all I can say is that in the past week Ireland has become a very different place to what it was 2 weeks ago.

All our lives have changed, we are all being asked to live our daily life’s in ways we never imagined we would have to. Who would have thought 2 weeks ago that every pub and club in Ireland would be closed for St Patricks day, or that our streets would not be a wash of green white and gold. It’s become a very surreal time.

Even for myself I’m trying to stay away from people, now I’m not a social butterfly and before I would try to get out of social events if I could. But I’m missing my family. I’m seriously missing being able to give my Mum and Dad a cuddle. I miss being able to pick up my nephew and tell him how is the most amazing person in the world. I miss being able to visit my sister and tell her face to face what an amazing job she is doing raising her son. These are all things I took for granted and now I would do anything to have them back. It’s made me realise how much they mean to me.

I used to live my life behind my iPhone. Social media was my lifeline. I was never really present in the here and now. If I was at a concert I would always have my phone and take photos and videos. If I was out with friends the phone would be capturing photos. Now I’m looking back and thinking to myself WHY? Why did I always have to take photos and videos and not just enjoy the experience? What have I missed out on by living my life through a phone? Why did I spend so much effort on making sure I got the right photo for my instagram or my FaceBook?

This crisis we are living in has taught me one thing. PUT THE PHONE AWAY! Appreciate human contact, make time for loved ones. LIVE MY LIFE! I hope and I pray that the number of people who are seriously affected by this crisis is small, as small as can possibly be. Really if I could wish for anything, it would be that this just disappears over night and never comes back. But what I do hope is that when this is over, we hit the reset button. We make time for each other, proper time. We all live in the here and now. But most importantly, that we are all kind to each other and look out for one another.

Day 7 into this crisis and my outlook on life has completeky changed. But how much more will it change? Thats the question!!!

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