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It’s good to have a little bit of hope.

Is there light at the end of the tunnel? Will things start to change soon? When will I be able to see my family? These are the questions I have been asking myself a lot over the last few days. I would imagine many of you have been asking yourselves the same questions. The thing is, do we have any answers to those questions? Not right now we don’t. Will we get the answers soon? I certainly hope so. “HOPE” that's a word I’m using a lot lately. Sometimes I think that hope is all we have right now. Hoping for our loved ones to stay safe, hoping we can get to hug our family, hoping life starts to go back to normal.

I hope that on May the 5th I will be able to see my family for the first time in 9 weeks. And already I’m starting to feel more hopeful. Many people out there are starting to feel the same. It’s like we have passed the night's darkest hour and we are slowly moving towards the dawn of a new day. I’m getting more and more hopeful every day. But that doesn’t mean I can break the restrictions. We are all doing such great work lets not Fuck it up and prolong this lockdown for the sake of going to the beach. Let’s keep going and soon enough we will be out of this hole we are in. The thing is, I think, what was our normal 8 weeks ago will never return. The world has changed and whether we would like to admit it or not, we too have changed. We are scared of others, we look at people differently now. If someone sneezes we automatically step away (and with good reason) because we are now trained to think that a cough or sneeze means you have COVID19. And if restrictions lift in 2 weeks time, that thought process won't lift. Hay fever sufferers will be afraid to sneeze in public, I already have been desperate not to sneeze due to my hay fever. When restrictions lift we won't be as close as we used to be, people will be afraid. There is a sense of fear and this fear will take far longer to cure than curing COVID 19 will. This is the moment our generation changed. I won't be stepping into a crowded place for a long time. Yes maybe it does sound a little drastic but I’m want to keep myself and those close to me safe.

But I do hope...

And I hope some things will change for the better. Most of all our respect for the health service. Every frontline worker. Every doctor, nurse, porter, receptionist, canteen worker, barista. Every bus driver, Garda, Fire Service, and ambulance driver. To the pilots who flew to China to get emergency supplies, to every person who came home from abroad to help out. We cannot thank you enough. You have kept this country alive. Many people sided with nurses last year when they wanted a pay rise. Now we will fight that fight on your behalf just like you are fighting COVID 19 for us. You deserve so much more than a pay rise.

To every retail worker in this country. I finally hope you get the thanks and respect you deserve. I have always felt you never get any thanks for the work you do. You are the ones working St Stephens Day, you are the ones who maybe have 1 day off at Christmas, you are the ones who get abuse hurled at you. But today Retail workers are also the people keeping this country going. Whether our country starts to see restrictions lifted or not on the 5th of May is yet to be seen. But things have changed, maybe for the better or maybe for the worse. But one thing is clear. We will never go back to the way things used to be. It’s a new world now. And this new world is full of HOPE!

Guys remember to stay safe and check in on your loved ones. And we shall soon be with them again.

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