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Some People still surprise me!!

Welcome back everyone. I hope you are all staying safe and looking out for one another. So I just have to tell you all about a recent encounter I had at a local supermarket. It happened yesterday.

So to put a bit of context into this blog, as you may or may not recall extra measures were announced by the government yesterday for the public to take extra steps to stay inside and only make necessary trips.

So I was running low on some essentials at home so thought its quiet and late enough so I popped to my local supermarket. Now they have got a great set up in place for customers to keep their distance.

So we had to queue up to enter the store all making sure we are 2 meters away from each other.

A young girl at the door working for the supermarket explaining to customers to keep their distance and wait to enter the store. Now I would imagine she was only about 19-20 years old. But there was a woman in front of me lets say in her late 40’s to early 50’s who made it very clear she was having an issue with this new process that has been put in place.

Standing there minidng my own business she turns around to me and says, “dont you think this is a little dramatic, a little over the top? “ To which I replied as politely as I could at 7pm in the evening astounded at her comment “No , No I dont htink its dramatic or over the top, I feel its absolutely necessary” In my head I was screaming my response at her but outwardly I was tyring to remain calm. She then obviously was a little stunned and tried to give me her reasons for thinking this is “OTT” as she said but I wasnt prepared to listen.

I had to interrupt her and say,

“people are dying, people are away from their loved ones, people are trying their hardest to do their bit to keep people alive and stop this spreading and you are upset that you have to wait for 2 minutes to get into a shop. Obviously you have issues if this is a big deal for you”

I was absolutely fumming inside with the stupidty and selfishness of this woman. As she went into the store I made my way to the door and waitied to be allowed into the store. I glanced over at the young girl and she looked back and said thanks. I asked her had she been getting a lot of grief from people about this and she said that some people have been so nasty to her about it. I felt so bad for her. I mean it’s not her fault that this is happening. And I would like to clearly state that its people like this young girl that are on the front line putting their health at risk so people like me and you and unfortunately that “Wagon” in front of me can get our shopping.

For most of us we are keeping our distance, we are making sure that we dont catch this. In my head all I can think about is if a friend or family member caught this because someone else was carless eough not to take the warnings, what my reaction would be. Im trying to stay in as much as I possibly can. I have left my house twice in the past 9 days. If I can get shopping online and delivered I will. If I have to make a trip to the supermarket im careful. I keep my distance.

Im doing my part to protect your loved ones and I hope you are doing the same to protect my loved ones.

Remember if you have to wait to enter a store, don’t blame the staff! Thank them instead because they are keeping these stores open for us. With all the darkness at the moment lets be positive and spread some kindness, we could all do with some positivty at the moment.

Well thanks for listening to my rant and as always STAY SAFE

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