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The Roads are Driving me CAR-RAZY

OUR ROADS ARE FECKING SHOCKING!!!. This has always been a complete bugbear for me but yesterday my anger with our roads reached new heights. I mean for a country like ours we have some awful roads.

Recently I treated myself to a new car (not brand new, Jesus, blogging doesn’t pay the bills let alone allow me to buy a new car). Obviously I want to keep it in tip top condition and I take pride in it. But lately the roads have gotten so bad that I’m finding myself swerving all over the road to try and protect my car from hitting a pothole and basically destroying one or all of my alloy wheels. I sometimes think that the cars behind me must think I’m drunk or cant see over the wheel , the way I have to swerve. I mean its absolutely crazy.

What really does bug me though is that without motorists on the roads our country would come to a stand still. Not just because the majority of people cant get around but because of all our trades need roads for transporting goods. Also lets not forget the huge revenues motorists bring in every year for the government. I mean VAT on purchasing cars, plus then the VRT on cars, the VRT on importing cars (which is illegal under the EU law) but also the road tax, petrol and diesel and the VAT on fuel. Also every time we buy new parts for our cars, we pay VAT. When we get hem serviced we pay VAT and so on.. But lately we are the bad guys. Being a motorist is a bad thing, we are killing the environment, we are a burden. However many of us would ditch cars if the proper public transport was in place.

Our roads are shocking (unless you live inside the M50 that is). On my daily commute to work this morning I had to dodge 8 massive potholes that really could do damage and I don’t just mean cause a puncture but if a car hit one it could rip the steering out of someone’s hand and has the potential to cause serious injury. Not only that but lets take a look at how many deaths occurred on cork roads in the past 7 days. The road between Limerick and Cork is absolutely shocking and to call this road the main gateway and corridor between two of the largest cities in Ireland is madness.

Our Gardai police us on the roads, we get stopped to check to see if our cars are taxed but the money isn’t going towards fixing the roads ( lets not forget a few years ago the Governmeant admitted to using all revenue collected through road Tax to set up Irish Water). They are also checking to see if our cars are roadworthy, maybe its time to check and see if our roads are Carworthy. Major roads here in Cork are being put on the back burner constantly, The Dunkettle roundabout, a new North Link road, Limerick to Cork Motorway and the Macroom bypass. All of which have been in planning for years, some even decades. But nothing has happened.

As I frequently travel from Cork to Kerry I have found in recent years that the roads in Kerry are actually higher quality than our roads here in Cork, and I’m not even speaking about the ultra smooth roads around Kenmare.

Everyday you just see more and more potholes, you hear of more and more cars being damaged, more crashes and unfortunately more deaths.

I think its time our city councillors started sticking up for us motorists here in Cork and pull their finger out in starting to get our roads fixed. At least then paying our car tax wouldn’t be such a hard pill to swallow.

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