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We will get through this! #letssticktogether

How do I even begin this blog?? This is something I have been asking myself consistently over the past few days. I think like everyone else my head is becoming fried from all this talk about Covid-19. I thought to myself to not even mention the current crisis as I want to keep these blogs as positive as I possibly can. But there are somethings that we cant ignore and this is the big one.

I have watched this crisis unravel like many of you over the past number of months, and like many of you I thought it would have no effect on my life. I remember hearing the stories coming out of Wuhan and thinking to myself "God this is just like SARS it wont effect us here" and just got on with my life and took no notice. I treated it as something that was happening somewhere in the world and there was no need to take notice.

Even a few weeks ago when it starting to take grip on Italy I didn't take much notice. "Ahh sure its closer than China but it wont come here" Then bit by bit things started to change. People started talking about flight cancellations, the Rugby match got cancelled, then talks about St Patrick's day parades getting cancelled. Then confirmed cases here in Cork. It was time for me to realise that it's here. I should start taking notice. And like many of you now I'am concerned and worried but I do think we shouldn't panic. We need to stay calm, yes it's scary and it's something we have never seen in our lifetime so we are all thinking how do we react?

One thing I am noticing at the moment is the sheer panic on Social Media. Everyone has become an expert overnight. People "advising" on treatments, people uploading posts which are just crazy. I saw one saying that this will be the biggest killer ever. Someone even compared it to the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs. I mean COME'ON that's just ridiculous. I have seen people selling toilet paper and hand sanitisers for €50 . Some Business's are not helping the situation either. Im getting inundated with FaceBook Adverts selling toilet tissue and hand sanitisers. It's FUCKING RIDICULOUS!!

The images we have seen of people fighting in supermarkets for toilet tissue and the queues because of panic buying is just senseless. We have been advised of having no big gatherings by the government and Health Experts, yet we have seen huge crowds in supermarkets panic buying so they wont catch anything. ERM HELLO HUGE GATHERING IN SUPERMARKET it's just crazy.

Im not here to give advise, I'm not an expert. But I'm going about my normal life but have made a few changes. If I need to go shopping, I go later in the evening when people are at home having dinner. Im not buying all the toilet roll on the shelf because I do not need it all. I'm thinking about the bigger picture here. How can I help prevent catching this virus or passing it on?

I'm a healthy 35 year old with no health issues, I'm one the lucky ones at the moment. But think of the elderly, the ones who can only get out once a week to do their shopping only to find that all the tissue and hand sanitisers have been sold and that they are probably in someones shed because they have had a notion to panic buy. If you are one of those people who have decided to stock pile can I ask that you take a look at how much you have stored and make a decision to offer some to your elderly neighbour who may be struggling.

We all need to stick together and help each other out. Yes it's tough but we all need one another to pull us through this.

All we need to do is

Follow the advice of our health experts and NOT the social media influencer you follow on Instagram

Wash your hands

Look out for your neighbours

Don't Panic buy

Remember to laugh and enjoy yourself

But we all need to remember to #letssticktogether

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