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What day of the week is it?

Welcome back, everyone! We are now entering the 4th week of this. Is it just me or does it feel much longer than 3 weeks? I mean I’m not trying to be too dramatic but I’m finding it very hard to picture what life was like before this all started. 

I no longer know what day of the week it is anymore. There is no such thing as weekdays and weekends anymore. It is just days and nights. Are we in March or April or May?? Maybe we should call it Maprilmay . That seems more appropriate. And we should change the rhyme, “30 days has September, so does June and November all the rest have 31, except February which has 28 and March and April which have 7,391. 

Yesterday I jumped into my car to go to the supermarket and I found is so strange to drive. What I found even stranger was that the €50 of diesel I put in my car 5 weeks ago is still there. Never has €50 lasted me that long! 

But rather than focusing on what I’m missing, I’m beginning to realise all my new habits and everything I’m now doing which is the new norm. Never have I used FaceTime so much! Video conferencing is my new Social outlet. Walks... I haven’t been on so many walks like I have the past few weeks (and yes I’m keeping my distance from everyone) My housemate is astounded when I agree to go for a walk with her and the two four-legged divas. Also, my shopping habits have changed drastically. Let’s say Pre COVID 19 I used to grab my food for the night on my way home from work. Now I’m doing my weekly shop and using the food. One good thing about this is that I’m saving money. The downside is that most of the things I’m buying are frozen and junk food. I’m pilling on the weight. All the hard work last year has simply evaporated. 

Which brings me onto the topic of weight gain. Is it just me or is anyone else in the same boat? The lack of Gyms, proper exercise and shitty eating means I’m all over the place. I’m not sleeping right, I feel bloated and all-round crappy. I haven’t put a pair of jeans on in about three weeks. I’m not even going to attempt to put a pair on. I know they won't come up past my knees. 7 pairs of lovely jeans will be staying in the wardrobe for a long time I tell you. I have been living in tracksuit pants for the past three weeks. I have always been a trackie guy and I’m loving the fact I can wear them all the time and not feel judged. Is anyone else out there feeling the same? 

Anyway, these are all small things, what matters is that we are keeping ourselves and our loved ones safe and sound and together we will all ride this out. Things will get better. 

And finally I would like to say a massive thank you to everyone working on the frontline. All of you are our superheros you are the true heros of our time. We are all forever indebted to you all. Every Retail Worker, Every Person working in our Hospitals, facilitating the new Tests taking place. Every Emergency worker. We thank you all.

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