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Why are we starting to see so much hate lately?

What is happening to us lately? I know we are really all starting to feel the pressure of COVID19 and we are all stressing but over the past few days I’m seeing more and more people turning on each other. And I can't really understand why. 

There is a popular saying “We are only as strong as our weakest link”. Now more than ever in this fight against COVID-19 we need to make sure we are as strong as we can possibly be. To hear that our Nurses, Gardaí and retail workers are being abused by the public is absolutely disgusting. Why are people doing this? I understand people’s frustrations at the moment and believe me I’m starting to lose the plot too when it comes to staying inside and not being able to see my family and friends. But to spit in someone’s face is disgusting. I don’t care how pissed off you might be, that’s a disgusting thing to do. I would love to know what goes through someone’s head to think that spitting at someone is ok. Are you a Lama or a Camel? 

To hear reports of staff in a SuperValu in Clonakilty getting screamed at and threatened is absolutely outrageous. Why would you even be like that to someone? These people are going into work every day so stores have the essentials for you to feed your family. Would you rather they close and you and your family go hungry? As someone who used to work in supermarkets, I have been screamed at, I have had abuse hurled at me and it’s not a nice feeling. To have to go into work with the fear that someone will scream at you is horrible. I was chatting to a lovely woman in my local Tesco today who was telling me how the staff is afraid to work on the front door and control the queues coming for fear of abuse from the public. This might be graphic and I do apologise in advance for the language but she was telling me that staff have been threatened, spat at, called a bitch, a cunt, and told they should die. All because they are trying to stop lots of people coming into the store at once and that some people will have to wait up to 10 minutes. I mean WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE????. I don't care who you may think you are, you have no excuse in the world to act like this towards another human being who is just doing their job. 

The worst thing I have heard is that our Doctors and Nurses and general staff in Hospitals are now receiving threats. Oh my god why?? Do people not realise that these hero’s are saving people’s lives. Many are now not living with their families and are staying in hotels to be safe and not infect others. Before COVID19 they had an extremely hard and stressful job and by using a bit of common sense I would imagine COVID19 hasn’t made their lives any easier. In fact, I would say the shit has truly hit the fans for these people. And to have people making their life even harder because they are stressed is absolutely ridiculous. 

Personally, I have seen some hate directed towards me for putting a post on a FaceBook page. I joined this lockdown page on Facebook and going through the comments some people are just unnecessarily vicious to each other. I put a post up stating that I probably won't see my family until July 20th under the current restrictions. 

Here is the exact post I wrote:  

“While I’m delighted to see that the country is opening up and restrictions are easing, it's upsetting to see that it won't be until the 20th of July until I can see my family and friends. “

I was called selfish, an idiot, a prick. All because I put it up that I must wait two months till I can see my family. I didn't say I was going to break restrictions, I didn't say that it's wrong, I didn't personally attack anyone. Yet all these keyboard warriors come out of the woodwork and try their hardest to make someone feel shit for saying how they feel. I understand people are on edge, but we all have different circumstances. I will tell you a little bit about my circumstances so you know the full story. 

I live here in Cork with one of my closest and best friends. All my family lives in Kerry. That includes my parents, my sister her fiancé, and my nephew. My long term friends who I would see every week are also in Kerry. Apart from my housemate my only other friends here in Cork live 10-20km away. I don't have a partner, it’s just me and my housemate and the two beautiful 4 legged divas (doggies) So to hear that this won't change for 2 and a half months is a little disheartening considering shops and sports activities will

be happening first. But I’m not taking anything away from anyone who has lost someone over the past two months. I have been told to count myself lucky that I haven’t lost anyone. AND I DO COUNT MYSELF EXTREMELY LUCKY. But because I haven’t lost anyone does that mean I’m not allowed to miss my Family?? Is it wrong to feel a little lonely? 

I just can't get my head around all the hate lately. Shouldn’t we all be pulling together and trying to help each other out? We don't know each other’s circumstances, so when you start acting horribly towards a person think about what their circumstances might be. They could be a person who is lonely and depressed and trying to reach out and by someone acting nasty towards them isn’t going to help the situation. 

We are all in this together and we shouldn’t turn on each other. These are our darkest days. We are all going to remember the time COVID19 made us all stay inside and stay away from our loved ones. I would also like to remember it as the time we all came together to look out for each other. Not the time we all turned on each other. 

Remember everyone we are all human, we all have different circumstances and we should all stick together. Respect each other. BE KIND

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